MADdogs Team Fundraiser

Looking for a fundraiser for your team? MADdogs wants to help! Contact Debbie at to set up a night to fundraiser, and MADdogs will donate 20% of the proceeds!

Popcorn Fundraiser
Oregon Youth Soccer Association Coaches,
We're excited to introduce you to our new fundraising partner Double Good, a gourmet popcorn company that has created an innovative online platform making it nearly effortless and extremely fast for teams to fundraise online. Teams keep 50% of what they sell, and best of all, you never have to touch any product - Double Good ships direct to your supporters.
U.S. Youth Soccer has already seen great success with this technology. Recently, the ODP teams for Washington Youth Soccer and Minnesota Youth Soccer sold $12,600 and $16,200, respectively, in one week.
To get started, try the popcorn, and learn more about how it works, click below.
Team Fundraising Opportunity

For more information, please contact Chris at

Team Fundraiser with Bridge Chiropractic

Bridge Chiropractic is a big supporter of athletes and athletics, and we partner with organizations and teams in the Vancouver area as a sponsor.

We offer a monetary donation, which depends on how many athletes are in the program or on the team. We also offer free services to each athlete and their immediate family. All we ask is for the last 10 minutes of your pre-season meeting where the athletes and their families are already gathered. One of our doctors will go over a quick injury prevention presentation. It's super quick and very helpful to the athletes and their families. We actually bring up a few of the athletes and some adults to do a demonstration which is fun for everyone to see. Let us know your preseason meeting schedule, and we'll arrange to have one of our docs in attendance to do the injury prevention talk.

Contact to make sponsorship arrangements.