Over the past ten years we have had several players from the club that have been selected to play with a National team/pool, both for men’s and women’s for different countries: 

GIRLS: Lauren Rood, Ellie Boon, JP Burgess, Anastasia Chenkov, Kat Tarr

BOYS: Mikhail Doholis, Christian Jimenez, Taylor Hoss, Nick Palodichuk

Over the years several of our former players have been talented enough to play beyond college soccer. Some have played semi-professional, while others have played professionally:

GIRLS: Kat Tarr, Tina Frimpong Ellertson

BOYS: Rod Dayachenko, Avneet Shergill, Brent Richards


Alumni News
Posted Feb 27, 2014

Where Are They Now? Volume 1
Ellie Boon – University of Portland
The Deadly Duo Nathaniel Cheney and Bobby Hutchin playing at Corban University

Where Are They Now? Volume 2
The Magical Four : Timur, Eli, Septi and Keith join forces to continue the streak at Concordia University
Timur Zhividze,
Septi Danciu, Eli Gaynor, Keith Thorkildson
The Deadly Duo # 2 : Eden Behrens and Kristen Berry playing at Hamline University

Where Are They Now? Volume 4
Lauren “Roody” Rood heading to Women’s U17 World Cup
Kat Tarr Returns to the club In the Spotlight (as always) 
Carter Johnson

Hall of Champions
Posted Feb 27, 2014


WYS Champions Cup State Champions
B95 Reds, Coach Garen Bedoyan