2019 Coaching Announcements and Team Planners

The Washington Timbers are pleased to announce the coaching staff for the 2019-20 Academy Pools. Coaching staff and teams are subject to change and will be dependent upon player placements.

Academy Staff:

Technical Director - Robin Bostwick, USSF A License

Girls Director - Jeff Castagnola, USSF B License

Boys Director - Biniam Afenegus, USSF A License

U11/U12 Coordinator - Randy Thrall, USSF C License

Goalkeeper Director - Evan Gaul, USSF B License

College Coordinator (U15-U19) - Dan Macaya

Click on the team name or coach for their Team Planner and Bio. Information updated regularly.

Girls Academy U11 to U14

Boys Academy U11 to U14

Team Name Head Coach Team Name Head Coach
09G Red 1 Randy Thrall 09B Red 1 Doug Wolvert
09G Red 2 Jaide Graham & Steve Garbett 09B Red 2 Anthony Barboza
09G White 1 Misty Lee & Melia Miller 09B White 1 Joe Schneider
08G Red 1 Maddy Barbarino 08B Red 1
08G Red 2 Bobbi Eckler 08B Red 2 Matt Gragnano
08B White 1 Shane Weisman
07G Red 1 Sean Janson 08B White 2 Hassan Mursal & Jason Rekucki
07G Red 2 Antonio Buckley
07G White 1 Mauro de Leon 07B Red 1 Robin Bostwick
07B Red 2 Jeff Lukowiak
06G Red 1 Randy Thrall & Peter Pickett 07B Red 3 Jerome Hill
06G Red 2 Jaide Graham & Linsey Beattie 07B White 1 Mike Samwel
06G White 1 Esteban Delgadillo
06G White 2 Chaun Holdsworth 06B Red 1 Robin Bostwick & Matt Gragnano
06B Red 2 Tony Sino
06B White 1 Naoyuki Ochia

Girls Academy U15 to U19

Boys Academy U15 to U19

Team Name Head Coach Team Name Head Coach
05G Red 1 Lloyd White 05B Red 1 Ivan Basquill
05G Red 2 Joey Fleming 05B Red 2 Anthony Barboza
05G White 1 Nick Martinez 05B Red 3 Carlee Maluenda
04G Red 1 Jeff Castagnola& Cliff Samadoruv 04B Red 1 Doug Wolvert
04G Red 2 Joey Fleming 04B Red 2 Jeff Lukowiak
04G White 1 Brian Holt 04B White 1 Randy Zalubil
04B White 2 Chaun Holdsworth
03G Red 1 Evan Gaul
03G Red 2 Kendall Cline 03B Red 1 Ivan Basquill
03B Red 2 Avneet Shergill & Jason Ellis
02G Red 1 Peter Pickett & Feike Postma 03B White 1 Dominique Gougeon
01G Red 1 Maddy Barbarino 02B Red 1 Reece Scragg
01B Red 1 Biniam Afenegus & Avneet Shergill
01B White 1 Darryl Horrowitz
01B White 2 Clint Warta