About the Washington Timbers Football Club

Washington Timbers Football Club (WTFC) is a member of the “adidas Timbers Alliance,” a strategic partnership with elite local youth clubs in the Timbers’ development territory, designed to build unique working relationships and development opportunities.

As part of the alliance, the Major League Soccer club, Portland Timbers, shares coaching resources and curriculum with the Washington Timbers FC in the development of both boys and girls youth players. Additionally, as a member of the alliance, the Washington Timbers are allowed the unique privilege of incorporating the Timbers brand into the club name and wear a special adidas Timbers Alliance badge as part of the uniform.

The Club: A merger of several clubs (Vancouver United, Columbia Timbers Premier, Orchards Soccer Club, Washington Soccer Academy and others) that have been helping build soccer in Clark County over the past two decades. WTFC serves more than 3,500 youth soccer players, from ages 5 to 19, from throughout Southwest Washington and Northwest Oregon. Additional sign-ups could increase the size of the club to 4,000 or more players.

Fee structure: Player fees, sponsorships and fund-raising cover 100 percent of the cost of running the club. To increase access to as much of the community as possible, the club keeps fees comparable or less than other local clubs, and significantly less at the advanced competition level. Scholarships are available to all players who qualify for federal free or reduced-price lunches.

Accomplishments: WTFC is ranked among the Top 6 clubs in the state at the advanced competition level. Honors include national champions (Girls U-18s), regional tournament champions and finalists (Girls U-16s, Boys U-11s, Girls U-14s). In addition, our teams have gained a reputation for generating a large number of collegiate and youth national team players.